Tuesday, November 4, 2008

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Executive said...

I have been a high school coach for 17 years and a Steelers fan for 40+ years growing up in Pittsburgh. There is no question in my mind the Steelers MUST draft OG/OT Mike Iupati of Idaho in round one. This guy is a beast. Can play tackle or guard, and is extremely athletic and quick. He is without question the best offensive linemen in this draft by a mile. In the second round the Steelers can address defensive needs, and in the third round, they should take Toby Gerhart who is the big strong, light on his feet back who is perfect for the Heinz field turf in bad weather. This Heisman runner up is a perfect fit for the Steelers. Later in his career he can switch to full back. So he is a great value pick. Iupati and Gerhart are must have, can't miss picks for the Steelers.

Coach Campbell

Seahawk said...

Fuck you Armpit Steelers! Hope your bitch, referee Bill Leavy, get's the calls right this time dickheads. Go Seahawks! Kick those little fuckers asses on Sunday!

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